The year 2020 has been quite eventful, it is almost like every aspect of our lives is on pause. One month till the end of the year, it feels like you almost have not achieved anything. Each month coming with its own surprise, COVID19 being the shocker for most; the lock down, deaths, loss of jobs, pay cuts, and what ever you can think of. If you are a Nigerian, it’s no news about the #ENDSARS protest, the loss of lives of our fellow brothers and sisters, the Lekki massacre.

If you have been lucky that none of this misfortunes hit close to home, you might think everything is okay, until you actually sit down and think about it, then you realize the amount of energy you are spending to suppress thinking about the evil 2020 has done.

While the first two paragraphs focused on the negatives, we can also take some time to look at the positives, and the key part of that is being alive; being alive means taking care of your mental health, because 2020 has been exhausting enough. if you are evaluating your growth in this year, think of you surviving it being the major metric. In a year as bad as 2020, people have bought houses, cars, relocated, better jobs etc. You cant beat yourself over not getting none of that, scaling through the year is enough, and hoping 2021 brings the best of things.

As we are getting ready to move into a new year, let us go with the mind of optimism, give ourselves the chance to heal, and not defined by whatever has happened. COVID19 came (still around), has bought it’s own opportunities, The #ENDSARS protest is exposing the flaws of the Nigerian system. We are counting small wins to better days in our lives “The calm after the Storm”.

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